Costs and considerations before renting property in W2

Rent Property W2

When it comes to renting property in W2, it is not just your monthly rental fees that you need to factor in. There are other costs and considerations that you need to consider before jumping into any rental agreements and signing any contracts. Some of these include:

Cost of living in the area: In addition to the cost of accommodation in the area, you also need to think about the cost of shopping, restaurants and entertainment options in the surrounding streets. Different boroughs have different lifestyles and prices associated with them, so it is wise to get to know the surrounding area costs too.

Transport links: Before signing a lease, it is wise to check out the transport links and see if they are ideal for your needs. Getting accommodation that is in walking distance to the tube or railway station is useful. Also, be sure to catch the bus, train or tube during rush hour and see how long it will take you to travel to work and other areas that you frequent.

Furnishings: Before renting property in W2, be sure to find out if you will be renting it furnished with basics such as a fridge, closets, beds, a couch, dining tables and chairs. If the flat or house is advertised as furnished, then you need to determine exactly what is provided and the state it is in. Your landlord is responsible to provide the basics in good repair in a furnished flat. Don’t forget to keep a record of things you purchase for your property, so it is easy to take your items with you when you move out.

Council Tax: Every year, the local authority of each borough will set a rate of council tax depending on the value of your property and current rates. This fee is passed on to renters usually, so be sure to receive information on the council tax due for the property.

Water/Electricity/Heating bills: There are other expenses to factor into your accommodation expenses. Find out what likely costs of heating will be, and how the flat is heated. Also inquire about the cost of electricity and water bills for the property, so you can get an idea of what your monthly expenses will be. Some rented property includes bills in the weekly/monthly price, which is very convenient.

TV Licence: If you have a TV in UK you have to pay for a TV license, which goes towards funding free-to-air channels. Licensing regulations are very strict, and will be given a fine from enforcers if caught. Some properties for rent in W2 will already have their own cable TV connection, which will be included in your rent or as a part of your additional bills.

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