Interested in renting property in W2?

Are you looking to rent property in W2 London? If you are new to the prospect of renting and becoming a tenant, then here are a few tips to follow and questions that you should be asking your potential landlord either directly or indirectly through an estate agent.

Make a good impression: First of all, when you are meeting the potential landlord it is important to make a good impression. Being friendly and courteous are good traits that a landlord will be looking for in a tenant. It is wise to be punctual and also honest about your circumstances, to avoid issues coming up later. Be sure to bring along your references for your convenience.

Discuss the basics: If you are unsure about aspects of the tenancy or accommodation facilities, then be sure to ask. Key things to ask, which may seem very basic, but are essential to ensure that there is no misunderstanding is: what the rent is, what is included in the rent and when it is due. It is convenient to set up a standing order to pay rent on a certain day every month, which saves time and effort. Another thing to ask about is the duration of tenancy and if it can be continued indefinitely.

Repairs, Maintenance & Deposits: Landlords have the responsibility of maintaining the property and certain facilities, but it is important to ask who to contact if an issue arises – maybe them or their property manager, and how quickly they will try to respond. Most landlords will require a security deposit against possible damage to the property – which is usually equivalent to one month’s rent or even six weeks rent, and is returnable at the end of tenancy provided you meet the terms of your tenancy agreement, do not damage the property and pay your rent and bills. Deposits that are taken against Assured Shorthold Tenancies, which is the default tenancy in England and Wales, must be registered with a government recognized tenancy deposit scheme.

Inventory & Certificates: Although not legally required, a thorough inventory of the condition and contents of the property agreed by the landlord and tenants is very useful to avoid potential disputes in the future. So ask and see if a proper inventory can be made, with photographs documenting the place. Also be sure to ask to see the Gas Safety Certificate if the property has gas appliances or heating and the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which outlines the energy efficiency rating of a property.

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